Case Study:

Ways2Give is a website that gives volunteers, donors, donatees, and the non-profit organizations to get and give a more effective way than it was ever before. Some would donate their money, gifts, heart, and time. Within this app, users create accounts and stay connected with many opportunities to reach out with one second of kindness., where volunteers can devote their one hour and receive a credit that they could use to donate to charities.

The Main Goal

The simple goal is to crowd fundraising at a much more organized, willing, and more than donating money to charities. The company wants everyone gives a random act of kindness and not get anything back. They want something that flows smoothly without users feeling frustrated but feel that they could use the platform at any age.

Competitive Analysis



Creating wireframes, helped me and my clients to know what is the skeletal of the design would be.

As a UX UI Designer, information architecture plays a huge role in building a well rounded website and mobile apps. Here, I used Photoshop and Illustrator as my design tools.



Finally, it came down to adding colors to the skeletal design. 

I used Marvel App to give an interactive experience of the app. Check it out

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