Case Study:
Homer App

Homer App is a web app designed for students to help them remember things better by using Space Repetition Learning. It’s a flashcard app and much more! You can save your work and share, but also add to others as well as download theirs. Easy to share and faster learning.

The Main Goal

The client wants a flashcard app that helps people, in general, to remember things and learn things better. By using his new-found and proven technique, the Space Repetition System was put into place along with this app. He wants everyone to have a faster learning process and people remember the things they learn without having to be frustrated.


I used Marvel App to give an interactive experience of the app. Check it out.

As a UX UI Designer, information architecture plays a huge role in building a well rounded website and mobile apps. Here, I used Photoshop and Illustrator as my design tools.

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