Awakened, Enchantress and the Dragon (Short Story)


Enchantress and the Dragon (Short Story)


Part One:

Living in the Enchanted Forest was everything she had known her entire life. The beauty of the forest and greenery never failed to fascinate her. She wore her beautiful blue scarf around her neck, which in turn tries to cover her long pointy ears.

Miyu Kato, considered to be the most beautiful creature ever existed, must covered her face for fear she would be recognized and want to prevent the curse upon others.

You see, Miyu was cursed with the spell of beauty. Anyone who looks at her would be drawn to her beauty. But in reality, she was just a plain looking girl with pointy elf ears. Monks had warned her and her parents that there would be mayhem because of her beauty. So, she was ordered by the mayor of the town that she must not be seen by others.

“How many times do I have to tell you,” her mother worried. Beautiful pointy ears as well with long jet black hair, her eyes resonance that of Asian blue eyes. Both Miyu Kato and her mother looked so similar that other elves thought they were sisters instead of mother and daughter.

They laughed. “Do we look that much alike,” they would always joke.

“Mother,” Miyu greeted. She held onto the bag that she was carrying around her waist, about to put a magical herb inside.

“Young lady,” her mother started. ” Why are you out so late? It is nearly dark and you should be at home.”

“Sorry, mother. I just wanted to get you your medicine…”

Her mother wasn’t upset. She looked her daughter with worried. “I know and I appreciate it. But honey, what if the royal guards see you? I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Sorry mother…” she apologized again. She followed behind her mother as they walked back to their cottage home.


Luckily, they weren’t caught.

They speculated the premises very diligently. Their hearts racing with every step as they embraced each other.

They finally reached, what seemed to be days, their cottage. The light were already one with lit candles as they entered through. Her father with a white beard and peasant clothing greeted them by the door. “Where have you been, young lady?”

“Oh, honey,” her mother said. “I already gave her warning. Just let her rest. She has been wandering helping you find your medicine.”

“Yes,” her father sighs. “I know that. But it is already dark! What if something happens to her!”

“I’m sorry,” Miyu started to apologize. “I won’t do it again.”

Her father glared at her a little. “Please, honey, we don’t want any trouble. We want to make sure you are safe.”

Miyu forced a smile, knowingly that her father didn’t care if she was safe or not. All he cared about was whether she would cause any trouble to the villagers. She had done it once. Snuck out during the day to play when she was a little kid and this boy around her age fell under her beauty charmed that he followed her home…and got the boy lost for days.

The villagers knew that it had something to do with Miyu and banned her from ever stepping foot in town or the village again.


Part Two:

Eight Years Ago…

The night has fallen and the villagers came storming down to Miyu’s cottage. It was the most scariest night that she had ever experienced. Barely eight that night, she was celebrating her birthday with her parents.


Her mother surprised her with one of Miyu’s favorite flavored cake, strawberry shortcake, icy frostings and chocolate mousse covering. Made especially for her on her special day.


The villagers banged on the door with their fork and torch. They accused little Miyu and her family for kidnapping a boy that she lured.


“Lured,” her father snickered. “How could my daughter lure your son?”


They seriously forgotten about Miyu’s curse. But they knew for sure that it wasn’t their daughter’s fault that boy had gone missing.


“Yes,” her father protested. “My daughter did play with him but that was it! She didn’t do anything else to your son! You know what, I’m sorry…This is nonsense…”


He grabbed her daughter by the shoulders and pulled her behind him, shielding her from the crowd. “Please get out. I’m sure your son will be home, safe and sound anytime soon, but he’s definitely not here, as you can see.”


Her mother rested her palms on Miyu’s shoulders. She caressed her daughter as the villagers took a step closer towards them. Both of their hearts pounding against each other’s chest. Miyu hugged her mother tighter. “Mommy! I’m scared!”


“It’s alright, honey” she mumbled to her daughter, trying to calm her daughter down.


Miyu started crying, “I didn’t do it, mother…I haven’t seen that boy ever since I played hide and seek with him in town.”


“How could you not tell the truth,” one of the villagers exclaimed. “You were the one who lured my son with your curse. He followed you out of the village. One of the townspeople witnessed it. Don’t you dare deny it, you…!”


Her father blocked off the path as the father of the lost boy stepped forward. “Stay back, sir!”


“Or else what,” the son’s father challenged. “You’re going to have your daughter use her magic and puff me away?”


“She’s an evil enchantress,” another villager butted in. “She’s not like us. She used her magic to do evil!”


“That’s not true,” Miyu mumbled between sobs. Her mother, knew that it wasn’t true, fathomed the comment away for her.


“There, there, sweetie”, she patting down her daughter’s hair and then holding onto her chin. “It will be okay. Trust mommy, okay?”


“I found him,” said the boy’s mother abruptly. She carried her son through the door, nearly running out of breath. “I found him! I found him!”


The villagers gasped, turned their head to see the claimed lost boy in his mother’s arms, just like Miyu’s father said safe and sound. The boy’s mother was so happy that she nearly tripped as she entered through the door.


The son’s father rushingly took him away from his wife’s arms, cheerful to see him well alive. “My little pumpkin!” and kissed him on the forehead.


The mother plead for Miyu to leave her son along. “You may not have really kidnapped him but you used your magic, maybe not intentionally, but you did do it! You charmed my boy and he followed you! Just please just stay away from him. I don’t want anything like this to happen to my son again! Please!”

“Better yet,” said a huskier voice amongst the crowd. Everyone turned and made room for the mayor of the town. “Keep away from our town. Your daughter doesn’t know how to control her powers yet, especially when she doesn’t seem to even know about them. It’s way too dangerous for her and for us.”


“Do we all not agreed on this, then?” the mayor asked his citizens, which happens in this case doesn’t include the Kato family. After a long silence, the villagers all agreed and that the best thing that they can do is to banned her.


“Then it is settled. What’s your name little one?” the mayor asked the little elf girl.


“Miyu,” Miyu replied. “Miyu Kato, sir.”


“Miyu is such a pretty name…I’m so sorry Miyu. For now, you are banned from the town and village because we don’t want you causing another issue in our town. And because…”


He bent down to be the same height as Miyu. Miyu, wearing a cute pink dress looked at him eye to eye, puzzled to why she’s being banned. “…because you also don’t know how to control your charms. But…”


He realized that she might get an idea that what if she learned her powers and planned to use that to argue with him. “You are still not allowed near other elves or other souls because your charms are way too strong. Please, please, for the sake of others, keep away from our town and village. We feared something dangerous might happen to the point of no return due to your strong powers, young one.”


Miyu began her tears.


“I’m sorry, young one. I’m truly sorry that this has to happen…” the mayor’s voice began to fade in the background as little Miyu continued crying off the scene.


Part Three:


The cries of the night continued but he couldn’t do anything as he watched from above on the rooftop. He wanted so badly to get down there and protect the little girl, Miyu. As the little girl’s Guardian Angel, Kaiku wasn’t entitled to go near her but only to secretly protect her from harm.


“Golden Dragon, Kaiku” the Jade Emperor called out his name. As he recalled, that was when he just turned eight himself…practically eight years ago. “You are appointed as the enchantress’s, Miyu Kato, guardian angel. You are to protect her by all means.”


Now, sixteen, Kaiku became a handsome young dragon. With jet black hair and gold highlights, he wore his golden sword on his side. Knelt down on one knee, he leaned against the little chimney hole and listened in. The roof was made of hay and he made a little hole so that he can see through it.


“Yes, milord” Kaiku remembering responding to the Jade Emperor. He had knelt before the Almighty God. Ever since he was born, he knew nothing but to obey his superior and what the Jade Emperor said is his command.


Hearing his charge crying was the most painful thing that he had to go through. He felt his heart ache and ache each time he hears her cry.


He clenched onto his chest with his eyes closed and clenched his teeth with agony. A small teardrop rolled down his cheeks as the pain retained in his chest.


“I’m sorry” he mumbled, hoping in some way that she can hear his apology. “Please forgive me.”


Then, an idea popped in his head.


She stopped crying at that instance and lifted up her head. She saw sparkling stars falling down from the ceiling. They were beautiful, glowing, and sparkling. So beautiful that both she and her mother admired in awed.


Kaiku smiled as his hand glowed. “Good night, my enchantress.”


It didn’t take him long before he was about to drain out of his magic. Luckily, his charge fell asleep under her mother’s arms that he can finally stop. He couldn’t figure out another way to cheer her up. Still smiling remembering the smile on his charge’s face… it was priceless.


He realized his job was done.


He waved his hand in midair in front of him and took out his magical list, To-Do-List,. He, then, looked through it while marking checkmarks next to each item. Checking off finding the lost boy that Miyu accidentally lured. Checking off guarding the Kato residence, including from the villager incident as he possessed Mr. Kato’s body. And finally, checking off from the list that Miyu, his charge, is peacefully sound asleep.


Finally closing his list with a wave of his hand, he flapped his dragon wings and flew away into the night sky above.


Part Four:


What must be done has been done. Miyu looked around the room with her eyes barely opened. The sparks and glows reminded her so much of that night, her eighth birthday, with the beautiful stars fallen down her ceiling like snowflakes that she bolted her eyes wide open.


“So beautiful” she muttered. She haven’t seen these in awhile! When was that? Oh yes, when she accidentally lost a pair of scissors last month and her dad blamed her for it…she remembered being sad but all of sudden, I see these beautiful glowing stars from her room and she felt all better.


But she couldn’t think of a reason why it would show up this time and it has been eight years since she saw her first. You see, the pattern was whenever she was having negative emotions, that’s when it shows up, she discovered.


“Hmmm,” she thought, rubbing her pointy chin. “No, no, that’s not it.” Still no idea what might have caused such a beautiful scenery to appear, she gave up and got herself out of bed, ready to start out her normal routine of chores and errands.


The fireflies flew in through the opened window as she admired the beautiful scenery just outside the waterfall from afar and the trees of the forest.


She grabbed her attire from her wardrobe, a beautiful purple and white laced dress accompanying her beautiful long jet black hair and marvelous blue eyes like her mother’s.


After she readied herself, she walked out of her bedroom and headed over to the kitchen, preparing an early breakfast. The normal eggs and oatmeals were as good as ever with every sip that Mr. and Mrs. Kato took.


Kaiku had a slow glow to his hand as the glowing stars slowly disappeared beneath him. He was left alone on the rooftop where he was eight years ago, looking down at through the peephole that he made before and listening in through the chimney. His charge became merrier, which in turn made him happy.


“Kaiku” the voice called out.


Startled, he thought he was caught. He looked up at the voice and realized that it wasn’t his superior or his superior guards. Phew.


“Oh, it’s you,” Kaiku greeted.


“Of course it’s me,” Olivia Hart, a Neutral, pulled alongside Kaiku. She peered through the peephole and asked, “Who are you spying on this time, Golden Dragon?”


Olivia, jet black with purple streaks of locks up to her waist, her white lace dress stretched all the way down to her ankle, nearly covering up her beautiful legs. Her purple eyes were round like a ball. If she wasn’t a Neutral, she would’ve attracted many suitors, like Miyu. However, a Neutral’s charm is…well, neutral. It gave in no effect.


“Neutral, stay out of this,” Kaiku exclaimed, still didn’t take his eyes off of his charge.


Neutrals, mystic creatures that are neither good or evil, stand in middle like a bridge between two cities. They have a choice to choose their own destiny, to be on the good side or the bad. Because of their rarity, they are highly targeted. And most wanted for the wrong reasons.


Either way, Olivia had no interest in working for either and remained out of the way for both sides. But something about Kaiku, the Golden Dragon, kept her mind accompanied all those years. He was rather…interesting, to Olivia. But not in the romantic type. More of a curious george type. Interesting to see what would he do and who will he fall in love…that type of interest.


Kaiku, on the other hand, doesn’t really care. His mind has always been occupied that he never really thought of the Neutral but to make sure she stays neutral or be on the god’s side. If one day, he finds out that she is no longer a neutral and starts working for the wrong side of morality, he would not hesitate to capture her.


“None of your business,” he replied with a tone of irritation. He stared at Miyu as she started to cleaned up the table and the leftovers. “Neutral, what do you want?”


Part Five:


“What do I want,” Olivia, the Neutral scoffed. “I don’t want anything but for you to stop spying on your charge.”


She started giggling. “I’m just kidding! I just want to find out what are you up to…”


Kaiku, the Golden Dragon sighed. “Well, I’m not planning to tell you, Neutral.”


Most of her kind don’t like being called a Neutral like it was a bad curse. In a way it was. After all, neutrals are like outcasts. Must be tamed. Must be looked out for. Watch out for. They were nothing but just pure tools.


Somehow, Olivia didn’t mind. Didn’t mind being called a neutral in anyway. She just like being in the middle. It makes her feel…”wanted” by everyone. In a sense she craves for attention.


After discovering that she was an orphan, she realized she got nothing to lose. But she the obsession of grabbing attention still lies within her that most of the time it caused trouble. And that’s how they met.